Mint Condition

Finally got to see the beautiful Nikita Shroff and since she’s a veg-head we went to this place called Au Lac (I will have a review later) and I had vegan food for the first time… Interesting experience. I don’t know how I felt about cheating on meat but it was decent. Anyways, since I have exhausted almost all places to shoot at in Irvine, we decided to just see what was around the restaurant and this little couch and plant turned out awesome, enjoy!

This is also my first outfit with my bangs on my blog! I cut them about a month ago and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM. All the rumors about how these bangs require high maintenance… myths. I just shower, comb them out, let them dry, and straighten.

Forever 21 Black and Pink Chiffon Lace Top, Papaya Mint Shorts, Forever 21 Black and White Envelope Clutch, Forever 21 Black Leather Bracelet with Gold Detail, Forever 21 Gold Heart Ring, and Reflection Black Strap Suede Wedges .



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