The Channel Islands

Yesterday my family and I took a day trip to the Channel Islands. I had very little idea what I was getting myself into but I was still stoked to go just because I have never been and I don’t get to see my cousins too often so I was looking forward to it all week.

We left at 6AM-ish and go to Ventura to board a ferry to the island around 8:30. We got on the island and immediately changed into wet-suits to get ready for a sea-cave kayak tour around the island. Now for those of you who haven’t been kayaking… please go do it. One of the most hands on activities I have ever done to tour a place and a great bicep, tricep, core, and back workout. I wish I could have taken my camera out on the water to take pictures of the caves (words wouldn’t do them justice) but alas I didn’t want to get it wet.

After three hours of kayaking my family and I sat down to eat some home-made sandwiches and snacks, hydrated ourselves, and then headed out for an hour hike up the mountains. The weather yesterday was pure perfection, sun beaming down on us with strong gusts of wind; just perfect. Here are some shots from the trip, I hope you guys enjoy them and I hope they attempt to do this place justice but in order to fully enjoy it I suggest you make the trip out to this diamond in the rough.


2 thoughts on “The Channel Islands

  1. I’ve been in Oxnard for a year now. I wanted to go do the island tour, but my snorkelling and dolphin watching in Philippines kind of put off my plan with Channel Islands. Anyhow, I still go to it every now and then to relax, catch the sunset and read a book. Thanks for the reminder. I owe it to SoCal to do this tour. Someday, someday…

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