High Tide

The brilliant Nikita Shroff pitched the idea of doing a sunset shoot at the beach for one of my outfits. I am a huge opponent of flash photography but I decided to give it a shot. We went to Little Corona Del Mar beach around 7pm, we should have gone a bit earlier to because by the time we got there we were losing quite a bit of light. Nevertheless, we made it work and got some incredible shots with the dusky sunset. This beach has become one of my top five favorite places in the world to go to after going to school at UCI. Something about the rock composition and the view of the sun setting makes for the perfect serene location for almost any shoot/me time.

The tide was extremely high that day, it was ridiculous. But hey, I didn’t mind getting a little wet and wild 😉

Thrifted High Low Purple Patterned Dress (its from Heritage at Forever 21), Foreign Exchange Brown Tassel Gold Chain Belt, Reflection Brown Strap Wedges, & Forever 11 Pale Pink Shrug Jacket.


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