Classy Fried Chicken

This title might confuse you, but last week my sister and I ventured to LA to attend the Fried Chicken Festival. I don’t want to give away any spoilers but watch out for the food post on the festival later on this week, some of the dishes were TO DIE FOR. Here is the outfit I wore to the event. I have been to several food festivals before and have noted that comfortability, agility, and breathing room are key things to look for when composing an outfit.

I found this maxi at Forever 21 and immediately fell in love with it. The length is a little short which means it might look a little awkward with heels but nonetheless I LOVE it (so much I wore it twice that week haha). I also tried out a new hairstyle because I am very boring when it comes to styling my hair due to lack of patience so my sister braided it and pinned it back (used this awesome video by the Luxy Sisters to style it!).

Forever 21 Black Pleated Chiffon Dress, Asos Gold Collar Necklace, Geneva Gold Watch, Gray Toms (I understand how horrible these shoes look with this dress, but let me stress that it is SO important to be able to move quickly and be comfortable at food festivals).


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