The Sloppy Jai | Shiv’s Sliders Series

For all my Browns out there this is the Indian version of a Sloppy Joe you don’t want to miss out on! I am not the greatest cook, but thankfully I have a awesome mother who cooks UHMAZING food for me. Since I am now at home for a month she made me some food to heat up and one of those dishes is Pav Bhaji. For those of you who don’t know what that is, here ya go. It is best with some type of buttered bread.

So I was contemplating what to eat for lunch one day and the idea occurred to me .. why don’t I make a slider! Since I am a carnivore I needed to figure out what meat I wanted. I quickly decided on Kheema, since it would pair well with the flavors of pav bhaji. You can do chicken, beef, or turkey but I thought beef would be best. I added some sharp cheddar cheese and that was that!

Here are the ingredients for the kheema burger… which turned into actual kheema, as you can tell from the pictures. My flavors were a little off because I didn’t know which spices were which. But it still tasted relatively good for not knowing.

slida (29 of 33)slida (28 of 33)slida (30 of 33) slida (31 of 33) slida (32 of 33)

I have at least 3 more ideas for Indian Sliders I want to accomplish by September so hopefully I get around to it! Add lemon/lime for flavor if not already in the Pav Bhaji.


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