The Offer He Couldn’t Refuse | Shiv’s Sliders Series

The title of this slider is inspired by one of my favorite mob/mafia movies: The Godfather. I came up with the idea to do this slider from The Burnt Truck, although they have more of a southern style chicken slider. I combined their mozzarella slider with their chicken slider to create this bad boy.

I forgot to buy panko so I think that it might have made the chicken taste a little bit more crispy rather than just lightly breaded. Nevertheless, I loved it and so did my little kitchen helper Joey Java πŸ™‚ This is basically a twist on your classic Chicken Parmesan, putting it into slider form of course. It’s difficult to link a recipe but this one helps understanding how to bread the chicken.

parmesan (4 of 9)parmesan (1 of 9)parmesan (2 of 9)parmesan (3 of 9)parmesan (5 of 9)parmesan (6 of 9)parmesan (9 of 9)

Bon Appetite! I hope they turn out well for you, or even better than mine did πŸ™‚



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