Pier Pressure

I spent the day in Santa Monica last night and visited the Pier for the first time (from what I can remember). It’s funny how tourists come to see this place from all over and I, as a 21 year old, just happened to go one fine day. Nevertheless, I love the area they set up for watching the sunset, it was so spacious and I didn’t feel like I had to fight for a seat for a view. I wish I didn’t wear heels on the pier because it was torture walking the entire way, but I got a good calf workout! Loved how it finally turned into SoCal weather, FINALLY!

Santamonica (2 of 7)Santamonica (1 of 7)Santamonica (7 of 7)

Cotton On Neon and Gray Sweater, Forever 11 Black Chiffon Skirt, Forever 21 Heels, Ebay Purse, Assortment of Bangles.

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