Went on a little adventure to Eagle Rock today with my high school bffeic Ashley Young! So glad our spring break’s are at the same time, I am dying from boredom. I have had this place bookmarked on Yelp for a year now. I first found it when I was looking for lunch places last spring break but ended up going to the Oinkster with Ashley haha. When I went to visit my sister on the island of St. Maarten she took me to two shawarma places that honestly.. I didn’t think I could find to replace their tastes. However, Spitz comes very very close.

Ambiance: definitely not meant for groups, it’s a small shop located on Colorado Blvd., parking isn’t the best. They have a lot, but list most restaurants on that street in Eagle Rock, its pointless. We just parked on a residential street but I am sure during their busier nights it gets crazy so be warned. The outdoor seating is nice, not many tables inside so you might have to get your food to go or find somewhere else to eat it. Tables also weren’t being staffed, they had dirty tables everywhere and didn’t clean them until 15 minutes after customers left.

What we ordered: The Spicy Döner and Street Cart Fries with the Works.


I am going to come back here next time I have a long break at home because I cannot just have these fries once in a lifetime. That sauce though.. my lawd. Their zesty feta is their selling point man, without that these would be regular fries. With pieces of tomato, beef/lamb chunks, green peppers, and feta this makes for the PERFECT snack/meal whatever you want to call it. I should have just ordered this, but Yelpers suggested my entree.

spitz-2Gravely disappointed with this dish. You can get this entree in either a wrap form (using lavash bread) or sandwich form (using foccacia bread). Ashley got the wrap and I got the sandwich, but both of us were struggling. I am not the biggest fan of messy food, minus buffalo wings, so I wasn’t very keen on eating this sandwich. The fries definitely filled me up, and I couldn’t seem to put down my fork leaving my sandwich unattended for quite some while. But when I finally did take a bite, things were falling everywhere. They should either reduce the components of the sandwich, or reduce the size of it as a whole/price as well.

Overall: 8/10


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