Frolicking in the Flowers

I just came back from my short lived trip to San Diego to visit some family/hang out with friends, and now I have too much to update on. Of course I had to make sure I ate at some delectable places, but before that I took a trip to Carlsbad to visit the Flower Fields since it just recently became spring. Flowers are some of the first objects that got me into photography, like many other people I assume, because even in a dying rose there is so much beauty. I decided to shoot my outfit here as well because I don’t think I will ever really get an opportunity to take pictures with this many flowers again.. haha

sandiago-4 sandiago-7 sandiago-21 sandiago-2 sandiago-12 sandiego-44 sandiago-5 sandiago-6 sandiago-20 sandiago-3

Sidecca Neon Yellow Knit Sweater, Forever 21 Stone Necklace, Forever 21 Teal Flower Earrings, Kaitlyn Tribal Stone Bracelet, Nordstroms Teal Two Faced Watch, India Sandals, Hong Kong Bag, and Forever 11 Skirt and Belt.



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