The Reddy Baby Shower

Indian baby showers are almost equivalent to an engagement party. I love how a small get together with my family turns into a 100 person event, just because that is our “extended” family. This was my eldest cousins’ baby shower, and the first amongst my immediate first cousins. So excited to welcome another niece into the family. These are a collection of my favorite shots that don’t even come close to the number of shots I actually took for the event. Since it is a ceremonial thing, all the families come and bless the new mother and place a couple of bangles on her arm (which turned out to be one of my favorite shots). Enjoy!

VinithaBabyShower-1 VinithaBabyShower-2 VinithaBabyShower-3 VinithaBabyShower-4 VinithaBabyShower-7 babyshower-1 VinithaBabyShower-14 VinithaBabyShower-16 VinithaBabyShower-9 VinithaBabyShower-15 VinithaBabyShower-18 VinithaBabyShower-23 VinithaBabyShower-19 VinithaBabyShower-20


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