Cal Poly Pomona ISA 2013

This was my first shoot using my 5-in-1 Disc Reflector and I can’t believe how awesome the light looks. I usually choose to shoot around sunset with no flash, but I found that my pictures were coming out a bit orange. While working over the summer with a wedding photographer (if you look back at my posts you can read all about David Tosti), I used reflectors for wedding portraits and I fell in love with the light created. I think that is the cool thing about photography: the manipulation of light. Here are the head-shots all shot with a 50mm 1.8 lens and a Sigma flash. I used the white side of the reflector because they were wearing blue so I wanted to keep the light calmer.

calpolyheadshots-2We took a couple more group shots but this next one was my favorite composition. Ignoring the fact that the girls don’t have any shoes on, I loved how we could fit everyone without it looking squished. I have done a similar type of composition on rocks at Corona Del Mar with 6 people, but I loved the level changes and directions that they faced, really gave alot of character to the picture.



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