Love Getting Reddy || Cuffed Class

I finally had the honor of shooting my handsome friend Love Ghotra outside of his Newport beach-front apartment yesterday afternoon. I have been meaning to showcase him on the blog for awhile due to his recent interest in men’s style/fashion. For those of you that know me, you know I love androgenous female looks: blazers, prep style, ankle cut slacks, oxfords, button ups, the works. I never really get the oppurtunity to shoot men because lets face it, most of them run from camera’s unless they are forced to take a picture (i.e: yearbook shots, family portraits).

The title of this series is a play on words (if that wasn’t obvious enough) and I hope to have him on here more! I think it’s always nice to look to men’s fashion as an inspiration for styles, textures, body fit, and color combos. Stay tuned for more & enjoy 🙂 (btw, ladies he is single 😉 who wouldn’t want a man that is confident and dresses well?!)

lovedeep-7 lovedeep-9 lovedeep-11lovedeep-8 lovedeep-15 lovedeep-19lovedeep-4


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