Palmento Girls || Class of 2013

I finished my last finals for the quarter last Thursday, and unfortunately I cannot fully say I am a graduate until my very last undergrad final in September, but I am close enough right? As soon as I got out I had the honor of scheduling a shoot with four beautiful ladies that I have had the pleasure of getting to know over the past couple of years here at UCI.

Either I have shot them on stage dancing/singing/speaking or randomly at parties, and if there is one thing I love its their dynamic and ability to always make each other laugh. It is very rare to find roomies that you can tolerate for more than one year and these girls managed to do it for three, so cheers to them and their futures!

palamento-2 palamento-5 palamento-6 palamento-8 palamento-9 palamento-11 palamento-15 palamento-16 palamento-17 palamento-18 palamento-19 palamento-21


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