Mayten Men || Class of 2013

I have had a bunch on my plate these past couple of weeks and nothing helps me de-stress more than editing some good ‘ol grad shoots. I had the pleasure of working with Gurshan, Raj, Zane, & Jimmy a couple of weeks ago and finally finished processing their images! I have watched each one of them become confident and successful men and I am honored to have met them in this stage of life. You can learn so much from a couple of goofballs 🙂

mayten-2 mayten-7 mayten-10 collage-3 mayten-3 mayten-13 mayten-8 collage-1 mayten-12 collage-2mayten-9 mayten-1mayten-4


2 thoughts on “Mayten Men || Class of 2013

  1. [ Laughs ] They are lucky that a letter didn’t break off of the wall.

    Nice photo!

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