Saddle Me Up Sliders || Shiv’s Sliders Series

I feel like these sliders posts always start the same, “It’s been awhile since I have tried making some sliders!”, well I won’t disappoint you… it’s been awhile since I have made some damn sliders! The mood to cook comes by only once a month so I had to take advantage of it and try out a slider recipe. I have been meaning to make this specific slider for quite some time but I had my doubts about the prep.

This time around I made my own version of “cowboy sliders”! Typically this genre of slider has some bbq sauce, some form of onion either fried or grilled, a hearty american beef sirloin patty/bacon, and some good ol’ cheddar cheese. This is similar to the McDonald’s Cheese/Bacon/Onion burger, but 569 times better 🙂

I started off searching for recipes for how to make fried onions because that seemed to be the most daunting task. I haven’t fried anything before, and besides watching my mom do it, I was always afraid of it. Luckily I had my trust roomie Puja Patel come to the rescue 🙂 We Cut the onions into thin strands, poured buttermilk all over them, then put a little flour in the same pan. The breading was simple: flour, cayenne pepper, black pepper, salt. After having a pot full of canola oil sizzling on our stove, we dipped the onions in the batter and fried away!

cowboy-1 cowboy-6 cowboy-7 cowboy-8

Patty prep was rather easy this time around: ground beef, salt, pepper, garlic powder, chipotle adobo roasted peppers (my special ingredient for this recipe because there was absolutely no spice and that is unacceptable! This added the perfect amount of spice to the final composition), lime juice, and breadcrumbs to hold the little buddies together. I am sure you are used to seeing this blue bowl filled with different ingredients haha, sorry that I am a college student with only one mixing bowl :\


I like to cook my sliders in a pan, if that wasn’t clear in all my other posts, because the juices leek out of the burger and I can add some salt, pepper, and lime juice to the vegetable oil (no butter!) while I cook so they slowly seep into the patty. Obviously not much is being soaked due to the high heat, but it tastes fine to me! I don’t like having to worry about these tiny guys falling into the grill!

cowboy-5 cowboy-10

Gotta give a shout out to Gurshan Singh for the clutch decision in getting Sugar Baby Ray’s Hickory & Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce, for the perfect sweetness the burger needed.  I slapped some cheddar cheese and fried onions inside a Hawaiian Bread Roll and víola!

cowboy-9 cowboy-1-2 cowboy-1-3


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