Isha Bhatt || Class of 2013

I am coming down to my last couple of grad shoots, thank the lord! It is actually bittersweet because I won’t have any more beautiful light to shoot in once winter rolls around so I am glad that I got to shoot in such magnificent locations these past couple of months.

Meet my beautiful friend Isha Bhatt.

I met Isha around my sophomore year of college and we’ve been friends ever since. A big part of my photography career is owed to this woman, and I still can’t thank her enough for the opportunities she has given me over these past couple of years.

I think other photographers can agree with me that the hardest part about shooting someone is making them feel comfortable, fortunately I didn’t have to deal with that initial awkwardness with Isha because she was on point the entire shoot! She made it effortless to go from model to quirky in seconds and I had a blast shooting her 🙂 Enjoy some of my favorites from the shoot! And it’s always a plus when you fall in love with your client’s wardrobe; these colors on her dress worked perfectly with our setting, especially the throwing leaves shots! And check out more on my Facebook page (that big black button in the top left corner!)

1-1 2-1 3-1 3-4 4-1 4-2 5-1 5-6 6-2 5-2 8-1


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