Love Getting Reddy || Autumnatic

It is finally that beautiful time of year when I can crunch leaves, sip on hot chocolate, wear my circle scarves, bring out my boots, and enjoy the brisk fall breeze (the little we have here in Cali). It has been WAY too long since I posted on the blog and I apologize greatly for the delay between posts.

This post title is filled with puns, and I kindly ask you to deal with it, I know you secretly love it (props to Love for coming up with the title for today’s post). Lovedeep constantly talks to me about how much he loves layering items, and although I don’t particularly like the idea of layering up (tends to make you a bit chubbier), it does create a great fall look. He paired several different neutrals together in today’s outfit to create a cozy fall afternoon ensemble, and tied it all together with a personal men’s fashion fall favorite: the suede boot.

Although each item stems from different color ponds, these plum/burgundy Levi’s bring that perfect pop of Autumn into the mix. Enjoy the highlights from the shoot, I can’t wait till winter when we can wear gloves and hats (we are waaaaay too spoiled in California).

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