In California, With my Toes in the Sand

I remember hearing Sweater Weather in a bumpy car ride to lunch during my stay in India and thinking, I really can’t wait for it to get a little colder back home so I can wear a nice knit sweater… low and behold, the time has come.

I went to Marshalls to get some workout clothes because of the latest weather change (yes, a chill 50 degrees, we are so spoiled) and I happened upon racks on racks of knit sweaters. Now, I am usually not the biggest fan of winter wardrobe/layering/wearing jeans however there is nothing more comforting than snuggling with yourself because you are wearing a cozy knit sweater. I snagged these bad boys up for my upcoming trip to Big Bear for the Thanksgiving weekend.

coll-3coll-2 winter-5 winterwinter-8 winter-13 winter-4winter-6 winter-10

The Blue Sweater is paired with Cotton On Burgundy Pants, Reflection Booties, and a Forever 11 Basic Tan Tee.
The Gray Sweater is paired with Charlotte Russe Black Jeans, H&M White Lace Crop Top, and Cathy Jean Black Combat Boots.



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