The Bonafide Crabby Patty || Shiv’s Sliders Series

I wanted to try something a little different from your traditional slider, and I did that by changing my main ingredient from poultry to seafood. I was craving sushi earlier today, and since I am pretty sure that homemade sushi won’t compare to my beloved Sushi Imari rolls, I decided to emulate my take of a California Roll slider… and with the help of Mr. Krabs and Spongebob, I came up with the name for today’s slider: The Bonafide Crabby Patty.


I used imitation crab meat for my patty, Kanimi crab cakes (found at Ralphs, already assembled and they saved me a bunch of refrigeration time had I made them from a lump of crab meat from a can), so the bonafide part only applies to the idea that its a “crab”-by patty, bear with me okay.


Even though I used imitation crab meat, when I started to assemble my patty I knew that it would be missing spice and zest so I pulled the cakes apart until they were just decomposed crab meat and added cayenne pepper, black pepper, salt, and freshly squeezed lemon. I added bread crumbs to solidfy the slider patty and then placed them on the skillet.


While I was waiting for the skillet to heat up, I whipped up the Spicy Mayo. Super simple recipe, and I know everyone makes it different, but I added waaaay more Sriracha than the recipe stated, sorry I like it spicy (I am not sorry, and those of you who agree don’t be either). I was surprised when the recipe called for lemon because when I eat Spicy Mayo at Sushi places I don’t really taste the lemon in the flavor profile, but safe to say it was necessary when I had my first lick from the bowl, it really added that zesty zing.

crabbypatty-3 crabbypatty-4

After letting the crabby patties cook for about 15 minutes, I spread the Spicy mayo on the buttered Hawaiian Rolls and then cut up some avocado pieces, sprinkled salt on top, and impatiently photographed the sliders. It was a necessary torture, but that first bite was definitely the best. As a tip, you need to really watch your crab cakes as they cook, they can easily burn and the char won’t taste the same as a char does on meat. If I had to fix one thing, I would have flattened the crab cakes, almost like a latka shape, just so that I could 1) make more patties with less meat and 2) cook the patties faster without burning them/worrying that the inside isn’t cooked.

crabbypatty-5 crabbypatty-6

This was also the first slider that took less than an hour for prep (and even less than that if you consider the fact that I was photographing everything), so keep this guy in mind, it could be a perfect party appetizer!


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