Poonam & Hersh || Long Beach Anniversary

As much as I loathe witnessing how affectionate and endearing couples act, there is nothing I love more than shooting two people in love. The extreme candid behavior, the simple looks they give each other when one of them says something utterly ridiculous, that moment when they close their eyes and still feel each other’s presence… it truly is priceless. As photographers, we get to indulge in those special moments and even create a specific scene that could lead to the perfect shot, for a simple person that is not only alot of pressure but what you say, how you act determines whether or not a shoot goes well. Luckily with these two lovebirds, the shoot was seamless and such a pleasure.

Meet Poonam & Hersh. 

You know those typical couples that always hold hands and hug and kiss and have their little coupley banter at restaurants, you know the ones that basically have babe/baby/honey/sweetie/cutie/whatever else annoying term of endearment you can think of embedded into their vocab? Yeah that would be these two. I have only had the pleasure of knowing them for less than a year, but I have got to say, they make being married look so fun and simple! We went out to the Long Beach Pier, just around the corner from where they got married about a year ago, to have a little one year anniversary photoshoot and I was thoroughly surprised with what we accomplished just in one location. Like I mentioned earlier, that look that Poonam has when she is just laughing at Hersh or even just smiling when he kisses her nose, I hope every girl finds that happiness at some point in life. Cheers to the “newlyweds” and to many more happy years ahead you goofballs 🙂

hp4 hp-5 hp hp1 hp-4dhp-3 hp3 hp-2


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