Loafin’ Around

I am possibly the worst baker I know. I always seem to mess up recipes (minus Betty Crocker, she’s the homie) by adding too much of something or not checking the oven frequently. Thank the lord I had my sister to help me for this one because I am pretty sure these loaves of bread would have been absolutely terrible.

We attempted three different types of bread one afternoon. I was reading about three-ingredient recipes on BuzzFeed not too long ago and came across this phenomenon known as Ice Cream Bread. So I thought, might as well make a couple different kinds of breads if I am going to by disposable pans to put them in. We then decided on a Jalapeño Cheddar Corn Bread and a Orange, Rosemary, and Brown Butter Corn Bread.

I already had certain ingredients lying around at home so grocery shopping was pretty simple and quick. I have linked all three recipe sites for your convenience, they are all super easy to follow and actually pretty satisfying when you taste the results. (These adorable trays are from Target, they are cardboard and no butter or spam is needed prior to baking, perfect for the spring.)

bread-1bread-3bread-5 If I were to rank all three from delectable to meh I would definitely put the Brown Butter/Orange/Rosemary at the top, hands down the best. I even whipped together some Honey Butter (idea courtesy of Souplantation); possibly the greatest decision of my life. Next would be the Jalapeno Cheddar, we didn’t put enough salt and it came out a little harder than expected, just generally though not a huge fan of the savory cornbread by itself (I have seen recipes with honey but for biscuits not cornbread). The Ice Cream bread was a massive fail: it didn’t cook properly, I couldn’t swallow more than a couple bites of it without squirming because you could tell it was missing ingredients. Probably will never try it again, but for those of you that tried it and loved it, congrats!

bread-4 bread-2 bread-6

I had a little too much fun photographing as you can tell, but I am super proud about how the pictures turned out, even if the ice cream bread was almost inedible. Hope they work out for you!



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