JNB | Class of 2014

It is finally that time of year – receiving your caps and gowns, wrapping up your senior year, finding people to buy your apartment furniture – yup, you guessed it, GRADUATION IS UPON US.

I have had the honor of knowing the class of 2014, just one class below me, for the past 3-4 years and some for even less time. I want to wish them all success, happiness, and love as they embark on their journey into the real world. Words of advice: it truly sucks unless you make the best with what you have, you may feel down and out at times but know that there definitely is a light at the end of the tunnel, it just requires A LOT of hard work and persistence to get there.

Meet Jasmine, Naina, & Bekah, otherwise known as JNB, for organizational purposes haha. 

I have had the pleasure of dancing with Jasmine during my senior year at UCI and met Naina around the same time. Their third roommate Bekah, who I met the day of the shoot, is my first red-head and I know it’s something to not be super stoked about, but can you blame me if I am? The light was perfect that day and we got some great shots in Aldrich Park. You can tell that these girls have a great sense of humor because it was so simple trying to get candid shots when they were talking about random stories or just yelling out things to make each other giggle. Thanks for being my first clients for Grad shoots ladies, you were a blast to photograph! Here are some of my favorites moments from the shoot!

jnb2 jnb3-2 jnb5 jnb6 jnb1 jnb6-2 jnb4-3 jnb4 jnb3 jnb4-2



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