1516 || Class of 2014

Meet Ritika, Simar, Megna, Tasneem, & Preeti.

These girls will always have a special place in my heart. Their ambition, creativity, beauty, charisma, and grace (although very rare 😉 haha) truly serve as an inspiration to others. I have had the pleasure of knowing them for the past three-ish years and have enjoyed seeing them grow into the beautiful women they are today. Thanks for providing me with shelter & constantly putting a smile on my face ladies, and congrats again on this tremendous achievement! I wish you nothing but luck, laughs, and love in your days ahead 🙂

I want to especially shoutout my girl Ritika, who is one of the most loving, kind, accepting, and obnoxious individuals I have ever had the fortune of meeting. Never will I find someone with so many similar interests in life, like crafting, fashion, Manohar/Delhi Palace, board games, & ratchet music. I hope that these past four years have been all you wanted and more from your college experience and I cannot wait for the real world to meet the Purple Princess. Now that you are moving closer to me I can only be grateful that I get to play with my best friend forever and ever ❤

15162 1516 15164 15165 151621 15163 15166 15164-2 15162-2



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