MOSI | Class of 2014

Meet Muniza, Omyma, Sabiha, & Irmin. (A.K.A MOSI)

This was possibly one of the easiest grad shoots I have done because these girls were ON IT. Even with a little wind in their way and some dark lighting issues we managed to pull off an absolutely darling shoot, and what got me even more excited was that I got to shoot with the Social Science Bridge! I had always pictured it in my head but to actually execute it was so much fun! I wish you girls nothing but success and happiness in the future & good luck real world because these four stunning ladies are coming your way!

mosi mosi2-2 mosi2 mosi2-3 mosi2-4 mosi3 mosi4 mosi3-2 mosi2-5 mosi2-7 mosi2-6 mosi3-3


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