Gagan & Ari | Class of 2014

Meet Gagan & Ari. 

I have known Gagan now for all four years of her college career. She is one of the few people I can truly say that I saw grow and mature through the course of college. Looking back on all the memories we shared and laugh attacks we had, I will always find a friend in you and admire your ambition, charisma, and passion for life. I hope college has given you your perfect foundation to start your new future and I wish you a tremendous amount of luck and success for the years to come. It is crazy how we have come full circle from the days of school bus & Manish to seeing you as an adult about to take on the real world!

This was more of an unconventional grad shoot in terms of location since both of these beauties go to different schools. We shot in Chino Hills State Park, and although the climb was arduous, it took my breath away (mostly because I was panting for air). It was the perfect location to celebrate their friendship, and that was honestly the most beautiful part of photo-shoot. Having never met Ari I was honored to have photographed such a beautiful women, both inside and out, and she made it effortless so I have no complaints.

Enjoy some of my favorite moments from the shoot (even though they kind of all were my favorite)!

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