The Bhenz || Class of 2014

If you thought grad photoshoot season was over, you were sadly mistaken. I have been spending the last couple weeks wrapping up my last grad sessions with some pretty memorable seniors.

Meet Korina & Sejal. 

They have a love story that you just can’t compete with. Friends since freshman year and roommates for three years straight, these girls won my heart over when I met them just 1.5 years ago. They care unconditionally for those they call their close friends and always provide love and kindness in everything they do. Had it not been for these two I probably would have lost my mind completely my senior year of college: from all our baking/cooking attempts, our pretty little liars forum discussions, and every time you picked up a phone or answered a text and were just THERE for me. I am SO grateful to have friends that I consider family and know I can count on for every obstacle life throws at us. I know both of you are destined for success and happiness and I cannot wait to see the professionals you become. So proud of everything you accomplished these past four years and I so look forward to all our themed dinners and silly hangouts of the future!

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