Azim & Arjun || Class of 2014

I have taken a long enough hiatus from blogging and it is high time I come back. I have SO much to share that I am pretty sure I will have a new blog post everyday for the next three weeks (okay I am exaggerating but you know you were excited). These past couple of months have been swamped with shoots, trips, and alot of lazy days of self-pondering and snack munching. Bare with me as I unravel the greatest moments from my shoots because I am so enthused to share my hard work with the world and I hope you enjoy every pixel of it!

Meet Arjun & Azim.

I met these two boogers back in 2010 when they were mere little freshies embarking on their big college journey. What I love about them is that their is always a hunger in their eyes, whether it be to learn, to engage, or to dispense heartfelt advice. Months would go by where I wouldn’t even see their faces and as soon as we sit down for a bite to eat the conversation would go on for hours. They are truly a gift to this world and I know they have so much to offer. I wish you both nothing but happiness and laughter as you embark on your “real-world” experience.

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