Muse by the Creek

It isn’t often that I get to take on projects for fun anymore. As we grow older we have to decide what best utilizes our time, which option gives us the better payout, you know, that whole opportunity cost debate. When I first really started getting into photography around 2010, I started off doing charity shoots, 2 hour “fashion” shoots so my friends could get a new profile picture and I could enhance my portfolio all while giving back. At the time it was stressful & taxing for the amount of effort I put in and for the $0 return I got, but looking back on that experience now makes me appreciate the time I had to grow as a photographer.

I was fortunate to experience that process once again a week ago while shooting my beautiful FRAND Ambika. It is difficult to put into words how understated her beauty really is; she comes across as both innocent and mature all in one glance, something I haven’t found in many people I have shot thus far in life. As composed as she looks, it was definitely a struggle to get both of us to stop laughing long enough to nail a shot, she giggles and then I giggle and then it went downhill from there, but in the best way possible. Thanks for allowing me to use you as my muse, it has been so long since I have been inspired by beauty and I am glad you were able to bring that out of me again ❤

bambi-3 bambi bambi-4 bambi-8 bambi-7 bambi-2 bambi-5 bambi1-2 bambi-6 bambi1shiv

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