PNS || Class of 2014

The last of my grad shoots for 2014 was definitely bittersweet. Not only did I know I wouldn’t be on my beloved UCI campus for another couple months, but I had to say goodbye to the last group of 2014 grads.

Meet Priya, Nupur, & Saloni (PNS). 

I met these girls their freshman year, I cannot believe I have known them throughout their college careers because it seems unreal to me that four years have gone by and you girls are all grown up. They make me laugh, they dance effortlessly, they are adorable and beautiful all at once, and they are intelligent and will go so far in life, no doubt. Enjoy my last grad images, they will no longer plague for your newsfeed.

pns2-2 pns3 pns pns-3 pns4 pns5 pns1 pns2 pns-2


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