Cookie Butter Brown Sugar Cookies

I had to shorten the title because the actual end product was stuffed with chocolate hazelnut spread + almond butter (both are Justin’s products).

I got the recipe here, where I actually end up getting alot of my dessert recipe’s now that I think about it. This was a little tricky, not gunna lie, it required alot of patience (mostly because I don’t have a mixer so when you add the butter it has to be warm, meaning you have to wait a little longer before you roll out the cookies). They don’t taste as overwhelming as you think, but if you aren’t a gingerbread fan then these aren’t for you since cookie butter has a bit of a kick to it. Try em out, they are a great option for a fall dessert!

cookiebutter-4 cookiebutter-2 cookiebutter-3 cookiebuttershiv

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