Deven’s 1st Circus

I think the best part about our world is that parties/weddings will never disappear from society. They will only become bigger and better, and I might be stretching it saying it’s the “best” part, but it’s just that parties bring so much happiness and they are all about celebrating. We need more reminders of why we need to be happy & grateful of the people and things we have in our life.

Meet Deven, Seema & Luis.

Seema & Luis are the gorgeous parents of this wonderful little boy, Deven. They went all out in creating a circus themed birthday party, straight out of your pinterest dreams, for his first birthday. It was held at Travel Town Museum, which is SUCH a cool place for a kids birthday party (or even an adult, no judge zone) because it is surrounded by cool locomotives and even has a choo-choo train that goes around the perimeter of the museum. Putting aside that it was a photographer’s playpen when it came to detail shots, this family is beyond photogenic and paid so much attention to making sure everything was perfect when it came to his little portrait session to even having props for some great candids. I am so excited to share these images & hopefully be able to work with the Otaya’s soon!

deven1-3 deven1 deven3-3 deven2-5 deven3 deven3-2 deven4 deven3-4



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