Baesic Megha

Meet Megha.

When you have so many common interests with someone, you are bound to enjoy their company. This wasn’t the case with Megha (I kid, I kid). This beautiful woman was able to set aside some time to do a shoot with me just before Thanksgiving. I went on a hike to Potato Mountain a couple of months ago with family and scoped out this location, unfortunately it wasn’t as pretty as I remembered due to the seasonal change but I think we made do. We managed to get a little foliage action because the leaves were transitioning (but nothing like the east coast sadly) and those shots ended up being some of my favorites. I wanted to go with more of a holiday chic dress with a woodsy setting and this dress from Marshalls worked perfectly for my vision. She was so much fun to shoot & she kept me laughing throughout, which is probably the most important aspect of these fashion shoots – trying to keep the mood as light as possible to make for a comfortable look. Thanks for putting up with my crazy demands and also for enduring some physical pain (we have the battle scars to prove it)! Enjoy my favorite shots from the day!

baesicblog1-4 baesicblog-1 baesicblog1-3 baesicblog-4 baesicblog-2 baesicblog1-2 baesicblog-3 baesicblog1-1 baesicblog1-5


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