Jasmine & Swapnil || Laguna Beach Proposal

The end of 2014 truly was a whirlwind as fas as work and personal life are concerned. With family in town and people calling in for last minute holiday photos/party coverage, I barely had any time to myself to gather my thoughts on the closing of another year. Let’s hope this year has just as many surprises, twists and turns, laughs, and so much more love than the last.

What better way to start of 2015 on my blog than with a proposal story!

Meet Jasmine & Swapnil. 

Swapnil had contacted me at least 8 months ago inquiring my availability to shoot his proposal in December. Both he and his current fiancé live out of Cali and he wanted to propose at this beautiful beach (Salt Creek Beach if you were wondering) where they had visited together in the past. It was a complete and utter surprise to Jasmine, who had just flown in from the east coast, as she walked along the beach reading each loving “message in a bottle” Swapnil had written to her. I fell in LOVE with Swapnil’s main attraction, Jasmine’s Palace from Aladdin, obviously me being the Disney enthusiast I am, and got a little shutter happy when it came to capturing the details of the magnificent architecture work. The palace was created by two former architects who now just seem to be chill-surfer-sand castle-architects (try finding that position title on LinkedIn). The proposal went smoothly, no surprise there, and Swapnil had planned a gorgeous sunset dinner overlooking the beach, straight out of a fairytale (#AladdinAlwaysWins). These moments I got to share with the two lovebirds not only were raw and beautiful in their own right, but added to the numerous lessons I learn from photographing couples in love, married couples, families, newlyweds, etc. From these two I saw that love has no calculated distance, when you want things to work you put your 150% into the game and make it work. Congrats again on this amazing milestone and I wish you both nothing but happiness and laughter in the years to come! Enjoy some of my favorite moments from the day 🙂

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