New Year, New Desk

The age old phrase, “New Year, New Me” has been plaguing my everyday conversations (mostly because people really know how to annoy me and therefore use it out of sarcasm, or so they want me to think). I would hope that as human beings we evolve everyday, producing a better version of ourselves, “new me”, and strive to make better decisions for the future (I would HOPE).

That being said, I got really tired of editing in bed for hours on end and realized it was high time to re-do my room and get me a desk. I have way too much time on my hands and decided to do some fun research on inexpensive furniture and making it personalized. Ikea was obviously the first website I went to due to habit from my college days + if you are looking for modern/contemporary furniture it really is a excellent choice, you just have to compromise on quality. I wanted something affordable that didn’t look like it was $10 bucks, which I think is what Ikea’s new motto should be.

I decided on the Linnmon Table Top with Oddvald Trestle Legs, super picnic table looking I know, but it is structurally perfect for what I need. I needed a desk primarily for editing purposes, hooking up a widescreen monitor to my Mac, having a place to put my used CF cards to wipe/my SD card reader. For about a year that place was just tucked in my bed or on my night stand, not so fantastic. Couple things to say about this particular desk:

Pros: ample work space, inexpensive (20 bucks!), nice color to match other Ikea furniture, fits in spaces, contemporary look.
Cons: scratches easily, not too solid of a foundation because you can’t stabilize the legs to the top (at least I am not aware of such a thing), and the wood is solid but not the best quality.

To match the desk, I bought the Malm Dresser, very necessary for the things I stored in my old desk drawers. I bought two of them, one for a nightstand (this is the one pictured) & one for a vanity + storage for my crafting/nail art hobby. Easy to build and not too bulky that they take up a large amount of space.

The desk accessories are a HUGE part of why I wanted this specific desk & that specific location for my desk. I wanted to go for a “black & gold” theme, even though I had to compromise for Ikea’s Black-Brown. I bought this gold spray paint from Michael’s (50% off coupon used so it was so satisfying to purchase this and I will be going back for more, always look up coupons at Target and Michaels before heading to the counter on RetailMeNot). I spray painted: the gold Eiffel tower ($7 bucks, originally white), the tape dispenser (my dad’s old one, originally black), pushpins (I have had these for over 12 years from my Dad’s office supply and I wanted to jazz them up), the candle holder on my nightstand (featured in last picture), the scissors (I probably took these from my middle school or something….don’t judge you know you did it too, originally teal), the letter holder ($3, Target, originally black), and the lamp (was a gift, originally silver). The other accessories: black & gold glitter clothespins, glitter mason jar (Target Dollar Spot), Gerard Cosmetics Lipsticks (my current obsession, specifically: 1995, Cherry Cordial, and Fire Engine), Photojojo Lens Mugs and Shot Glasses, Gold Pom Pom’s (DIY’d from this video, tissue paper can be bought anywhere. I plan on making SO MANY MORE of these because they are freaking adorable), and lastly this gold planner.

The last shot showcases the dresser in case anyone was wondering what it looked like. The accessories pictured in that shot: chalk wall decal, printed canvas (from Marshalls, I got another one but we will save that for later ;)), GGMM Speaker, candle holder (similar here).

Hopefully this info helps you get a little inspired to create a personalized workspace! I can’t stop sitting at my desk and I can’t wait to print the perfect artwork to fill the rest of my room, stay tuned for a post on that as well!

desk-3 blackandgold-3 blackandgold-4 desk-1 blackandgold-5 desk-2 blackandgold-6


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