White Shadows

It’s been a quick minute since I have done a inspirational shoot. If you didn’t catch my last one, or even the one before that… check it!

I fall into artistic slumps from time to time and I find that doing shoots where there is no pressure for client satisfaction, no demands for location, & tons of freedom with time really cleanse my palette and allow me to look through the lens in a new/creative manner. I wish I had the opportunity to do them frequently, but such is life.

This beautiful face you are about to scroll down and see might look familiar. For those of you that follow me on Facebook/Instagram, I went to India 2 years ago and made a trio of saris, designed from the border up, with my cousin Sourya. She came to Cali a month ago to visit me and I had to take advantage of having a model that I can pester into letting me shoot her.

We went to Eaton Canyon Hiking Trail in Pasadena, which I never knew had yellow flowers during Spring, and that was the main reason why I chose it. Other than the arboretum, which I am not too fond of because you have to pay to enter, you don’t find many free spaces like this to just wander and shoot at. We went super simple with the styling because I knew I wanted the balloons to be main focus, the flowers and foliage added for beautiful colors to bounce off of. I was originally worried that the fog/gloomy weather would make for dull lighting, but I ended up LOVING how the clouds were looming over the mountain tops. Just goes to show that when you have such freedom to shoot you learn to work around your obstacles and make them work in your favor. Enjoy these highlights from the shoot, I played alot more with hue/saturation of the flowers/leaves as you can probably tell just to add some dimension in color!

ws-1 ws1-4 ws1-2 ws1-1 ws3-1 ws1-3 ws-3 ws1-5 ws-2 ws3-2 ws4-1 ws4-2 ws1-6 ws-4


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