Lemon Rosemary Cake Cookies

It’s an odd thing, cake cookies.

I commend the bakers in the world that can do this from scratch, but for us dessert enthusiasts, this recipe from I should be mopping the floor will have to do.

I am OBBSESSED with the idea of a cookie that has a crunchy/hard exterior with a soft melted interior. Usually this works best for chocolate chip cookies, so that they resemble a pizookie like texture, but I honestly wish most cookies had this consistency.

I started looked up cake cookie recipes mainly because they are an easy way out – I don’t have to measure anything (it’s basically fail proof) and it saves a lot of time and money. Most grocery stores have deals for cake mixes nowadays so if I wanted to make these in bigger batches it would be pretty inexpensive.

You can tell from the images how fluffy they are in the center by the size… I was a fool and forgot to cut one open for a shot but I’m positive you get the picture. I was told by my little guinea pigs that the rosemary wasn’t so strong to the point where you were punched in the face with the herbyness, but it was subtle enough to be tasted. I also was worried about having a super lemony flavor come across, kind of how lemon bars just exude lemon swag (it’s a thing, trust me), but it was perfectly flavored (mainly because I didn’t decide to be a rebel and listened to the recipe).

I strongly advise anyone with a potluck coming up to try this out, it’s really so damn simple and it will definitely be a crowd pleaser in these hotter months with these refreshing flavors.

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