Momofuku Corn Cookies

I do my research before I head to a new city, and by research I mean I filter through Yelp for the top eats said city will offer me. Reading articles on Buzzfeed, Foodbeast, and Eater also help me narrow down the options, but eventually I come up with an equal amount of food and dessert places to attack.

Momofuku Milk Bar was at the top of my dessert list. Everybody knows I am a sucker for anything involving sugar and butter and all that goodness, so obviously Momofuku appealed to me. If you go, you HAVE to try the Milk & Cereal ice cream, the crack pie (get over the name and JUST DO IT), and their corn cookie. Clearly from the title of this blog, you know where this is going.

Since my sister lives in NYC I thought I would take advantage of her east coast perks and have her send me the corn cookie mix that they sell in store. It is available for purchase online as well! Technically these aren’t from scratch because all I had to do was add butter & eggs, but hey… I ain’t complaining.

untitled-1 untitled-2 momofuku-2-2 momofuku-1-2shiv

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