Perks of Being a Wildflower

This should technically be called, “Perks of Having Multi-Talented Gorgeous Friends Who Will Dance in a Pile of Thorns for You”, but I wanted something with more brevity.

Meet my beautiful friend, Jaclyn. 

A while ago, Instagram had a World Wide Instameet for the Los Angeles Instagrammers at the Antelope Valley Poppy Fields, a place in California I didn’t even know existed. Since I live in the San Gabriel Valley, I wasn’t too familiar with Lancaster/Antelope Valley and immediately researched the location. Unfortunately, the heat wave in LA hit right after the Instameet, so all those beautiful poppies perished and miles and miles of brush and dried shrubs filled the fields. After driving so far we were both quite discouraged, but quickly worked towards making it work in our favor. I had envisioned her leaping and extending her limbs in a field of poppies, but what I received in return was hauntingly beautiful. The combo of the dried burnt poppies, pale pink ballet shoes, & periwinkle skirt created a masterpiece I think we can both agree we are proud of. It is important to see the beauty in nature, both dead and alive, and these images really do prove that dual aesthetic quality we tend to overlook. Enjoy some of my favorite shots from the day, and thanks again Jaclyn for being such a trooper ❤

wallflower-4 wallflower-2 wallflower1-2wallflower2-1 wallflower-1 wallflower2-2 wallflower1-3 wallflower-3 wallflower1-1 untitled-1


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