Evoke Dance Company || Our Deepest Fear

I am blessed to be apart of an amazing community of dancers, artists, lovers, and friends – Evoke Dance Company. After finishing my first season off last winter I knew that I had found a secure place to showcase my passion for dance & be with people who appreciated and respected the art. It is rare to come out of college and still find time for “extracurriculars” but what I learned is that finding time for the things you love will only make you a happier individual. Find parts of your day to fill with the things that make you happy, its one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

This season our theme for our annual showcase is “Our Deepest Fear”. On first listen/glance it may seem daunting and dark, but I implore you look closer & delve deeper. We fear things that make us happy, because maybe that happiness will be short lived. You can find fear in the happiest of people – because its human to be afraid.

I was lucky enough to capture our Season 7 photoshoot, a series of shots we do to promote for the show. We travelled to Agora Hills to use Paramount Ranch as our backdrop, which was honestly one of the coolest places to shoot at. Even after shooting for 8 hours in the sweltering 100 degree Cali summer weather, I was beyond excited to see the final images from the day. Working with such talented, beautiful souls makes your job seem effortless and always worth it.

Come check out our upcoming showcase on August 7/8 at Arcadia Performing Arts Center! I wish I could share them all, but I had to tease you with some of my favorites, enjoy!

Evoke-1 Evoke-3 Evoke-6 Evoke-4 Evoke-2 Evoke-7 Evoke-5 Evoke-8 es-1shiv

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