Pasadena Family Session | Cruz Family

Meet the Cruz Family.

Jam packed with little ones, this family offered me a highly entertaining Sunday afternoon. We met up at Arlington Garden in Pasadena, a small little treasure of a spot that I formerly did not know existed in my neighboring city. Since we had so many small families packed into one large group I knew it would be great to get some portraits & group shots of each little kiddo & their parents. Each and every one of these children have such unique and adorable personalities, it was so hard to not put down my camera and play around with them. This garden has a myriad of locations to shoot at, it was like each section of California was represented – evergreens, benched parks, art structures, meditation gardens, & orange orchards. I had so much fun taking each small family to a specific location and setting up mini-shoots within our big photoshoot. Check out some of my favorite moments from the day! Special thanks to the real mvp Ashley Young for the assist!



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