Oak Canyon Nature Center Engagement | Glenna & Dillon

Meet Glenna & Dillon.

It has been a long time since I have felt this inspired by a couple. Seven years of dating seems like an eternity in this day and age. I have been listening and reading several articles/books/podcasts about this modern age of dating that we find ourselves in and they all seem to be singing the same tune: this new generation is so obsessed with social media & appearance, so caught up in our phones, that we have lost all sense of interaction. Seeing Glenna & Dillon with each other is something so refreshing to my mind – regardless of the fact seven years ago we still had cell phones – they give me hope that true love, interaction being the core, exists and flourishes. They understand & balance each other out, effortlessly giving me pure & unfiltered love to photograph. It is highly evident in these images that their affection for each other is manifested in their love for travel & adventure.

We were lucky enough to have Justin Lau, an extraordinarily creative human being, help style both our couple’s wardrobe and the shoot for the day. Their wedding hashtag, #travelwithdillonandglenna, represents their reckless abandon as they search for adventure lurking beyond every corner. Check out their Instagram handle & follow them around the world! Seeing as their theme was travel-toned, we set up suitcases & a globe to set the scene – we wanted to keep the prop usage to a minimum to keep our focus on these two beautiful souls. It was extremely difficult trying to narrow down these images, I fell in love with them all too quickly. Enjoy some of the highlights from their session!



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