Lizzie & Emile || Class of 2013

Meet Lizzie & Emile.

I had the pleasure of shooting this duo a couple of weeks ago for a graduation shoot. I met Emile my sophomore year through mutual friends and was grateful to become friends with such a hilarious, kind hearted, and selfless individual. I met Lizzie two years later when Emile introduced me to her as his girlfriend and they immediately took the award for cutest couple 🙂

What I love is that they are so comfortable with each other, and you could really tell during the shoot that they were just trying to have fun. I loved getting to see their comical side in some of the shots, it made for a rather eventful shoot and something I am extremely proud to present as my work. This was one of those photoshoots that proved that lighting is KEY when it comes to daytime photography, because had we shot 5 minutes too late we would have missed the beautiful sun-flares and natural fades towards the end of the shoot.

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