Man Meat

I find that way more female friends contact me to do photoshoots for them, most of the guys I come across dread being photographed, it’s quite irritating. I decided to ask my handsome friend Manmeet (yes, that is his name ladies, just a warning) to help me practice shooting a male for once. As you know, I shoot my wonderful friend Lovedeep on occasion (and in case you didn’t know that, here ya go, you are welcome) but I wanted to throw a new face into the mix just to practice some angles and such. Thank the lord I have friends who are down for me using them as my little guinea pigs >:) but hey, they get some awesome pictures in return!

Meet Manmeet. 

Besides having the bone structure of a Greek god, this kid has this infectious smile that was just perfect for the simplicity of today’s shoot . I know I have a tough time getting my clients to smile naturally or making them laugh at my dumb jokes, but he made it seem so effortless (always a plus). It is unbelievable to me how he is single with all his good qualities, someone just take him off the market already! Enjoy my favorites from our little shoot, especially the detail shot of the shark socks, what a dork 😉

2-31-1 1-3 5-1 1-5 2-11-7 3-1 1-6 4-1


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