Holy Guacamole || Shiv’s Sliders Series

I haven’t tackled a mexican seasoned patty thus far and have been meaning to come up with some type of recipe because nothing online seems to cut it. I am not the biggest fan of shredded meat (like chicken, carnitas, barbacoa) due to lack of experience cooking it and I would much rather have a chunky patty. My mom had made me some guacamole earlier today so I decided that was the route I was going for my slider adventure for this evening. I saw that we had some left over ground beef from some indian Kheema she had made the day before so I decided thats what I had to work with. 

holyguacamole-1For the patty I just added a quarter of a packet of taco seasoning, lime, and adobo chipotle peppers. I added salt/pepper but you do not need any salt (my mistake) because it’s already added to the packaged seasoning + the guacamole. Unfortunately, I had an overly salty patty fiasco, nothing drastic, but it was quite noticeable, so don’t make a careless mistake like me. 

holyguacamole-9I cooked the patty’s in a pot for the first time due to lack of patience to find a flatter pan. I let them cook in the olive oil for about 10 minutes on med-low temp, and covered the pot with a lid so the oil didn’t keep splattering everywhere. 

holyguacamole-4I couldn’t really take a picture of this, but I stuffed the patty’s with cojita cheese prior to putting them in the pot. I knew I wanted either jalapeno jack cheese or cojita cheese and since I have used jack in the past I went with cojita. I also had enough spice with jalapeno peppers in the guac and chipotle peppers in the patty. 

holyguacamole-8And viola, the final product. I got bored so I went a little snap-crazy with this slider. I added some tortilla chips on the side because the guac was oozing out of the slider (hence its emphasis for this slider). This was one of my easier sliders because of the simple prep, hope it comes out even better for you!


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