The Slightly Healthy Cinnamon Roll

So obviously this dessert/snack isn’t ever going to be nutritious, but there are definitely substitutes and variations to make sure you aren’t eating a load of sugar.

I got the recipe from Buzzfeed and immediately wanted to try it because it 1) looked simple enough, 2) I liked that it didn’t take too much prep time, even when you are making it from scratch. Clearly it took me more than 30 minutes because I had to do the detail shots, but still a super simple recipe and prep. And you can make the icing while the rolls are cooking! I unfortunately could not find whole wheat flour in a small package so I ended up just using all purpose, otherwise this would have been healthier than what it resulted in.

cinnamon-1 cinnamon-2 cinnamon-3 cinnamon-4 cinnamon-6 cinnamon-8cinnamon-7

Overall they needed a bit more cinnamon so when you spread on the cinnamon/brown sugar/coconut oil be extremely generous with the cinnamon. I really liked the use of the coconut oil, it was so much better than tasting heavy butter, especially because you get hints of coconut when you take bites. I would definitely opt for cream cheese frosting versus this super sweet vanilla icing the recipe calls for, but thats a personal taste maybe. I would defintely make these again since all the ingredients I bought are for long term usage, such an easy thing to make for group breakfasts or even an individual brunch!


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