Newport Beach Film Festival

Last Thursday I had the honor of attending the Newport Beach Film Festival Gala/Opening Night with Yelp! The opening night premiere movie was a documentary that followed the popular American rock band Green Day. My boss told me earlier in the evening that the Real Housewives of OC usually show up at this event every year and I got super excited to see if I was going to see these reality tv stars I have been following for YEARS (it is not that big of a deal I know but remind yourself I live in boring Irvine). We walked over to Newport 8 where they were premiering the movie and listened to Green Day give a speech introducing us to the film. It was so weird seeing Billie Joe and hearing Green Day’s music after so many years, definitely a feel good film.

Throughout the night I managed to find Lydia and Gretchen from RHOC, Howard from Big Bang Theory, and a couple of the guys from Mad Men were there (but I don’t watch the show so I am not familiar with them).

Here are some highlights from the event. I wasn’t aware that it was a gala or else I would have gone all out with a nice little ensemble but I still think I worked it, right? Hahah, enjoy these shots from the night!


Carne Asada tacos from Rasta Taco, pretty bland, they need to up their salsa game.


Gretchen me and Thomas & Lydia from the new season of RHOC with her hubby, she has a really cute outfit on but it was pretty cold at night :\

nbff-3 nbff-4

I have had both of these delicious tarts from Blackmarket Bakery before and I absolutely loved them! So glad they got featured at the event, and I finally got to meet the owner that my boss speaks so highly of and she was a UCI Alum, which made her even more awesome 🙂


Sidecar Doughnuts was also a feature at the Gala and I couldn’t be more happy about it. They featured their very popular Huckleberry and Meyer Lemon Pound Cake.


Brodard was serving their ever so famous Nem Nuong rolls but they ran out before I got a chance to try them, very big sad face D: but I did snag two of these lettuce wraps with beautifully seasoned beef and a sensational addition of crunch (just like their spring rolls!)


Not to pleased with this Ahi Poke from RA Sushi. The acidic flavors just weren’t there. I always am puzzled as to why these guys are featured at all these food festivals.

nbff-9 nbff-10

Villa Roma came with their big guns as they brought chimichurri steak out for atendees to enjoy, and boy did they become my fan. The man cutting the strips of steak actually presented the meat beautifully after he saw me taking pictures (even with a huge line behind me, thank you sir!). Sadly the food looked better than it tasted… the three components (steak, chimichurri, and bell peppers) worked perfectly together but the steak was waaaaay too difficult to eat and at an event like this you need to have issues like that worked out prior to service.

yelp1-2 yelp-1

Our Yelp photobooth was poppin all night thanks to the help of Splendid Photo Booth!


Here is my outfit from the night! Forever 21 Dual tone Chiffon Shirt (also featured in this post for more detail), Hong Kong Peter Pan Collar Necklace, Forever 21 Velvet Leggings, Forever 21 Leopard and Coral Oxfords, and H&M Suede Envelope Clutch.


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