Princess Juliana

Today we spent the evening sitting at Sunset Cafe on Sunset Beach (creative right?) watching the planes fly into the Princess Juliana Airport. If you haven’t heard about St. Maarten’s airport I suggest you youtube/google it… its insane. Shortest runway on earth, and the planes literally are flying above your head. Look it up, you will be entertained and its actually a really cool site to see.

Plane watching is a pretty big tourist thing to do on the island, but luckily my sister who has been on the island for almost 9 months has never been so we ventured to this cafe near the airport to watch the planes at sunset where I shot my outfit of the day.

You will notice that I rock this messy bun constantly, its my signature look. See, I have Mufasa/Lion Queen/Jungle hair the majority of the time, as you can see in my previous post. Since my natural hair is such a hassle to deal with I just tie it up in a bun so I can function through the rest of my day without being blinded by the curls. Just thought I would share for my other girls out there with tangled birds nests for hair… enjoy!

Forever 21 Coral and Pink Two Toned Chiffon Blouse with Slit Back, Marshalls White Shorts, Downtown LA Fashion District Ombre Pink Gemstone Necklace, Payless Gold Ballet Flats, H&M Coral Bracelet.

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