The League of Sarees

I just came back from my small little adventure around the world, and by around the world I just mean three countries haha. I went to Costa Rica in early August then came back to LA for a bit before taking off to India and Thailand. I am blessed to have parents that love me enough to let me explore such beautiful places, I can’t even begin to thank them for this graduation present. I will probably have a blog summing all of my trips up with a single picture from each location however, at the moment I am too excited to share something I worked on in Bangalore.

My cousin Sourya Venumbaka, a multi-talented soon to be fashion designer, and I decided that we are creative people with artistic backgrounds… why not put our heads together to design some sarees for my mom. Normally, I am really not the biggest fan of sarees: they are 5-8 yards of fabric I assume to be designed by some man that didn’t want his wife to run away so he put her in this clothy contraption. Putting my feminism aside, I love the Fashion aspect that sarees bring to the traditional ideals of India. Indian fashion has evolved and become so innovative and it continuously surprises me how much presence Indian designers carry in both their own world and in the Western world.

In some alternate reality I want to become a saree designer, pairing unique bold prints with traditional Indian borders, or even simple color combinations that are understated. We came up with these three sarees whilst shopping in the hub-bub of Commercial Street (Bangalore): piecing together fabrics from one store with borders from two other stores and then taking it to a tailor in an alley. The stichting step of this process could have gone better but overall I am satisfied with the outcome of our little project AND the price (each cost around $30 to make, varying depending on the fabric).

If I ever do pursue this dream of becoming a saree designer (from the looks of it, it won’t happen other than the few times I visit my dear old India) I decided on the plane ride back to LA of calling it ‘The League of Sarees‘ inspired mainly by Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight Rises, let’s add Bane and Batman to that inspiration list, whom without it would not have been possible). Here are a few images from the shoot I did with my stunning cousin just outside her apartment, for the full album check out my Facebook page!

saree-2 saree-3 saree saree-4 saree-6 saree-7 saree-5 saree-8


2 thoughts on “The League of Sarees

  1. Shivani! Love this post and how the sarees are such a seamless fusion of traditional and modern. Also, totally in love with the shots on the rickshaw and bicycle 🙂

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